About Us


We love working with computers, but at the same time, We love photography. Personally, taking pictures has been part of my life since I could remember when. When being, when we used to take pictures with film rolls and we had to be careful about the shots you took as there was no reviewing until after processing the film.

Taking photos is a passion. Though I do photography as hobby or part time. I still like making sure the pictures still count. I love seeing the smile of the subject after they see the final product, gives me a sense of satisfaction having captured that moment in history. (In essence photography is – “An instant of Life captured for eternity that looks back at you”)

Life is a journey. How wonderful that journey can be when you have your life long partner along side you, with similar passion as yours. Spirituality, Computers, Photography, gadgetry, traveling…. (sigh).. the list is endless, and so is the conversation.


I would say much, but just looking at her melts my heart……